Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I now have 13 entries to this months e-postal and since I'll be out of town this weekend, you all have until Monday to get this shot.

Score carefully and remember there is no such thing as a non-scoring hole in the paper.

You Can't Miss!

IRS Scandal

The Republicans on the investigating committee are getting tired of the runaround Director Koskinian is giving them. They ask the President to can him for:
(1) failing to comply with a congressional subpoena,
 (2) failing to testify truthfully, and
(3) failing to preserve and produce up to 24,000 emails relevant to the investigation.

It won't happen of course. That's what the president hired him to do and he's doing a fine job of it.

If you own the cop, you won't get arrested. If you own the judge, you won't get convicted. It's how it works.


Global Warming

Turn over your watch, wallet, car, thermostat and lifestyle and nobody (but you) will get hurt.

Or not.

Missing The Story

Fox has a piece trumpeting the way Trump is leading the pack with
Trump at 18%
Walker at 15% and
Bush at 14%

To hear Fox tell it Trump is as inevitable as Hillary.

Was it not less than 2 weeks ago the Donald was dragging down something in the twenties and Walker was in the single digits? It seems to me that Bush was right about where he is now. There's a story here if someone wants to run with it but as long as Trump is more fun to cover than anyone else, I guess this is what we get.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Relaxing Bike Ride

Cruise up the Platte River Trail and notice that the river has fallen several feet revealing no less that 4 vehicles parked near mid-stream. A Jeep, a Celica, a pickup, and a Chrysler mini-van in the space of no more than a mile or so.

Been an interesting year this year.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spend the Day With IDPA

Nice day at the range with a very under attended match at which I finished halfway down. I'm getting more used to the Glock and my scores have been improving if you ignore the dismal showing I put in 2 weeks ago at CCCSC. Big brain fart on the Texas Star will do that.

In my defense, I finished second in the shotgun side match.

Friday, July 24, 2015

IRS Scandal

It has long since been established that the IRS systematically targeted conservative organizations seeking the same tax-exempt statue as the Sierra Club or the SEIU . In the process of doing this foot-dragging the IRS would ask for information totally unrelated to the doings of the organization including asking for copies of the membership lists. Several of the targeted groups simply stopped their requests rather than comply, having some suspicion of the integrity of the IRS.

Turns out the suspicions were well founded.

The difference between the Chinese government and the IRS is that the Chinese at least won't make you suffer through an audit before they steal your identity, and they are not (yet) in a position to jail you for supporting the wrong candidate.

You may wonder at this point why no one has at least been arrested, or even fired. Remember the Chicago Rules; If you own the cop, you won't get arrested, if you own the judge, you won't get convicted.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Colorado Politics

I went to a townhall last weekend at which the featured speaker was Steve House, Chairman of the Colorado GOP. Many interesting tidbits emerged.

Anyone who watches the political game here has an idea that Sen Bennett is is some reelective trouble. How much? I hear you ask. Enough that if the election were held today and the Republicans had a candidate who could refrain from coming out in favor of squashing baby ducks with a hammer, he would lose. Not to say the Republicans couldn't find such a candidate, they certainly have in the past but it would require a bit more effort than they usually expend. It's also possible that Sen Bennett could top off a stump speech by walking across City Park Lake without dampening anything but the soles of his shoes. Until a leading candidate emerges, let's put the odds of picking up that seat at say 51%.

About spending tax monies: Colorados state budget is running about 25 Billion dollars. Yes, billion. But piffle. You probably know, but are not terribly aware that there are other taxing entities below the state level. County, Municipal, funding districts, etc. etc. The aggregate take for these otherwise invisible tax collectors runs $50 Billion/year or about twice what the state gets. For this you get the lawns mowed in the city parks, maybe a municipal golf course, bronze statuary, a new city hall, a squad of fully stealthy police cars, schools kept open and maybe some potholes filled.

Don't like that? Consider running for city council or one of the boards who get to spend the money. It isn't easy or cheap and once you become a candidate you quickly find out that the others looking for that seat have the mindset of first graders playing "king of the castle" in the school sandbox. The incumbents tend to be Democrats whose passion in life is to micromanage other peoples lives.

Go to the Secretary of State website. Go to voter registration. Fill in your information and behold: In my case I'm in 20 different districts, each of which has its own panjandrums with authority to spend my money. Feel free to run for a position on any of these agencies and if you win, you can spend your tenure offering resolutions to disband the agency and give its budget back to the taxpayers. Or just vote against spending any money.

I was also informed that there are currently in excess of 400 declared candidates for the presidency. Most of these will not make the ballot of course, Feel free to write me in for whatever opening you think needs the help. If elected president, I promise to show I can reach across the aisle by re opening FDR's old camps and populating them with any Democrat who has served more than one term in office without learning that Socialism Does Not Work.

Have a happy election year.

Rollin' With The Times

From todays Mallard Fillmore:
No sweat bubba. Here at Billlls catering we will provide Steak and Jack for the one from Texas, Mutton and fruit juice for the one from Syria, Lentils and Evian for the one from California, and a fresh bale of hay for the one from the pasture.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The State Of Jihad

Two days ago I ran across someones post describing the jihadi attacks on the U.S. military here in the U.S. From Ft Hood to Chattanooga, the Islamowhackos (IW) had killed some 54 soldiers and support people at a loss of about 9 of their own, some of whom were currently in jail awaiting the administrations next prisoner swap.

It occured to me, and I'm sure the IW leadership, that this is probably the most cost-effective method of making war on the Great Satan they've discovered yet. Imagine; There are some 234,000 Marines in the entire corps. With a kill ratio of 5 unarmed Marines to 1 jihadi here in the U.S. it would take some 46,800 devout souls to completely wipe out the corps. O.K. after the first couple such attacks military bases would suddenly become MUCH harder targets.

Does that sound like a lot? There are about 5,000,000 Muslims in the U.S. but not to worry as only about 10% of them or 500,000 are willing to go jihadi on us. And only 10% of those would be required.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Concealed Carry Study

Here's a pdf paper by John Lott et.al. covering the current state of concealed carry in the U.S. It contains all sorts of stats, charts and graphs which suggest that among other things a 1 point increase in permit holders is coinciding with a 24% overall drop in the national murder rate.

Correlation is not causality but there it is. Also as Mr. Lott admits, collecting stats from the various states is a dicey business at best as few states collect exhaustive stats on their permits, and of course there are now 10 that don't require one at all.

Red Light Cameras

Our legislature just passed 2 bills, one an outright ban on the things, and the other requiring an approval vote of the denizens of the area in which such cameras might be placed. Both were vetoed by the governor who never saw a revenue source he didn't like. He denounced the bills as "too extreme".

So here's a legislator State Rep. Steve Lebsock, D-Thornton preparing a camera "limitation" bill that he says would meet the governors approval.
The governor encouraged lawmakers to enact legislation that limits the technology to specific traffic areas: school zones, construction and roadway work zones, and “areas with disproportionately high traffic and pedestrian accidents, injuries and fatalities.”
In other words, anywhere they like including within 1/2 mile of a traffic cone. Prohibited areas seem to include areas with little traffic which don't make the cities any money anyway.

One Ragged Hole Sights

I bought a replacement aperture rear sight for my Ruger Mk 1 some years ago and frankly this thing as done more for my accuracy than anything except Billlls Pistol Stabilization Fluid*. People have asked me about it and I send them off searching for the maker, oneraggedhole, who at this point seems to be not only out of business, but also deceased.

What I'm finding is that when he died, he was supplying these sights to a couple of retailers as well as selling them himself and his survivors apparently unsuccessfully tried to carry on. The sights are now unavailable anywhere and the website is "available" from someone.

The sight was a very simple piece, a slip-in flat piece of metal with an aperture hole in it, either 7/64 or 9/64" diameter. Rear sight attachments being very much unique to each brand, this item didn't fit everywhere but was available for brands that allowed the flat part to either slip in or screw on. A quick patent search revealed nothing although my experience is that patent trolls are a clever lot and the inventor's family may even have the patent under some obscure filing name. The originals were made from very soft steel which would bend if the gun was stored in a soft case upside down. They would be very easy to make in mass quantities from better steel if there were any interest.

Anyone have any more information?

* Decaffinated coffee.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Modern Medicine

Back in the old country under the benevolent gaze of Papa Joe Stalin, everyone understood that Communism was perfect and you'd have to be crazy to criticize it. Thus, if you criticized it, you were carted off to an asylum where you were treated until you saw things correctly. Not everyone survived the treatment, but what the heck, there's more where they came from.

Fortunately for us, that sort of thing could never happen here.

The judge noted the psychologists “chart indicates Mr. D’Souza tends to deny problems, that he lacks insight into his own behavior, that he is arrogant and intolerant of the feelings of others, while projecting an overly positive image of himself.”
The judge was appointed by Bill Clinton.

The Iran Deal

Working out just about like I had expected.
“Because of this deal,” Barack Obama said this morning from the White House, “we have stopped the spread of nuclear weapons in this region.”
And you can keep your doctor, I'm sure.