Sunday, September 28, 2014

Let Me Rephrase That

Quoth the journo-hack in New Jersey.

We don't want to confiscate your guns, we're willing to meet you halfway with a manditory buyback:
The biggest problem with this approach, though, is that it tiptoes around the one reform that could really make a difference, but that Americans would never accept: Mandatory gun buybacks. That's what Australia did, after its own version of Newtown.
The Aussie population is now largely disarmed and if you're large and equipped with a table leg or a table knife, you're king of the hill.

For myself, I'm old, small, and feeble. Ask anyone. I like the idea of having a gun to keep things on a level keel until some young, healthy, strong fellow in a blue suit can show up and start the paperwork.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kids and Guns

I had numerous opportunities to be an introductory firearms instructor a couple of weeks ago and it was quite the experience. First a bit of background.As a member of the Denver Mad Scientists Club, I sometimes get invited to show off stuff that I've made by way of encouraging kids to take an interest in STEM topics. My observation is that if the demo is sufficiently interesting and hands on, you can subvert the youth into fields like engineering and physics.

So we got invited to bring our stuff to the Natural History Museum and let the kiddies have a look.
I brought several items including the (in)famous Pedal Air Gun.

The expo was set up in a long, wide hall, nice but nowhere near enough room for the gun with heavy projectiles so I made some "nerf" type foam darts for the occasion. We were set up on one side of the hall, and I pointed the gun across the hall at an unused door to use as a target. Amazingly, people walking down the hall immediately recognized the apparatus and were careful to check the status before crossing in front of it.

Putting a kid on the seat, I carefully explained how the gun worked, and what they were going to be doing. With the barrel pointed upward at about 45 degrees at an unused balcony, they would pedal until the pressure gage read 20 lbs and NO MORE.

We would then warn anyone near the projectile path to stand aside, and when the path was clear, lower the barrel to point at the door, and push the small valve release switch down to fire the gun. All in that order. No doing anything until all previous steps had been done. This worked fine and everybody loved it.

Then along came Daddy with his twins, a boy and a girl, who gave off the vibe of Wednesday Addams on espresso. Would the boy like to try the gun? Of course, and his sister as well. Swell. Hop on and I'll give both of you the lecture, which I did. The boy was ready to pedal at 90 mph right now and hear the rest of the instructions later. I made him stop and listen. His sister who will someday doubtless outshine Lucreza Borgia, watched and listened like a Russian spy in an American Nuclear sub. They got the part about pedaling to 20 PSI, and the part about the trigger.

The boy took off and had 20 psi in a matter of seconds. I told him to stop as he had enough pressure and his sister immediately reached up and pressed the trigger sending the dart upwards to bounce off the balcony and fall back harmlessly into the exhibitor next to us. Daddy immediately pulled Little Sister back and read her the riot act about taking turns and following directions. He allowed that the boy should get another try so I reloaded the dart, went back over the instructions and set him to pedaling. This time when he got to 20 psi and I told him to stop, he did and immediately reached up and pressed the trigger, sending the dart again up to the balcony and back to the floor.

At this point Daddy pulled Sonny off the machine and informed both kids that they were done here and they would "talk about this when they got home". Having heard this line once or twice from my own father, I imagine this didn't end well for the kids. I don't envy Daddy. Riding herd on those two is obviously a full time job.

When trying to teach kids about firearms, I suppose one could do worse than to start out with a Nerf gun although the Nerf people start you out at a disadvantage by using bad gun handling as a selling point. Still, you gotta start somewhere and the less potentially lethal the better.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Holder To Resign

Less widely reported:
Every hard drive in D.C. mysteriously crashes. Massive cellphone failures as well. At night you can hear ringtones coming from under the landfills.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Future Of Transportation - Plastic

And why not? Practically everything is plastic of one sort or another any more including possibly your S.O.

So here's a car for sale you might like:
Or not.That's the problem with plastic cars in Florida. You leave them out in the sun and they melt. I wonder what it looked like originally.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PSA Contest

Make a politically incorrect PSA and win something.

Hey kids! When mixing Drano and bleach always remember to do it outside and be sure to do it downwind of your house!


Without taking a position on the underlying issue, grok this:

I ‘Would’ve Died’ For My Aborted Daughter’s ‘Right To Choose,’ Just ‘Like She Died For Mine’
Found at I Own The World.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Safe Gun Storage

Here's why you should always store your revolvers and your semiauto pistols separately:
What happens in the gun safe doesn't always stay in the gun safe.

Pic found here.

Judicial Restraint

Not being exercised in the case of the Mayor of Peoria who had someone SWATted for making fun of him on Twitter. Read the sad details at the link, it's a short article and covers the affray.

From the article:
There’s a joke about how a grand jury will convict indict a ham sandwich, but is there a similar joke about how a judge will approve a search warrant for just about anything?
Well sort of, although it's probably an inside joke among traffic cops. It starts out with
Cop: "Got anything in your car I should know about?"
 Driver: "No."
Cop: "Mind if I look?"
Driver: "Yes."

The joke goes on to tell of the driver spending 1-1/2 hours in handcuffs at the side of the road while the cop calls in a dog that's trained to sit on subtle command, and a judge who's trained to sign a search warrant based on the dog having sat.

Science Marches Onward

Feeling down because you don't have a job? Don't have any prospects? No doctor will accept your insurance? Your car needs replacing but all the prospects were on the "Cash for Clunkers" list and are now gone?


Scientists have discovered yet another mood altering drug that will make you shrug off your problems and vote Democrat the rest of your life.
“What we have found is a process that may dampen the brain’s sensitivity to negative life events.”
Putting the fun in funemployment for you. Insty reported this, and what do you know, practically every comment was suggesting that whatever this stuff is, it would soon be found in the national water supply. Great minds thinking alike I guess.

Up to now we've had to rely on alcohol. Maybe this stuff won't destroy our livers.

Economic Berlin Wall

When things get to bad in a country, the biggest symptom is an outflow of refugees. In East Germany it started with a trickle and quickly swelled to the point that the Russkies were compelled to build a great big wall complete with wire, lights, guards, and land mines to keep their happy citizens in.

Now the U.s. is reaching that point with the most successful being the first to fly the coop. They either individually renounce their citizenship to allow themselves to have a bank account in the foreign country they're already living in, or else arrange to live in one that treats them better.

At the corporate level, we now have the third highest corporate tax in the world and corporations are searching out ways to escape the tyranny. Since serious money is involved, the government is taking an interest and has announced policies (note: NOT laws) to discourage this much like the East Germans added extra rows of bricks and mines to discourage departures.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September E-Postal

Tried the September e-postal this weekend with the .22s.
For some reason the gator at the 9 o'clock position is near invincible. Also getting the perfect score of 120 isn't going to happen, at least not by me.

I'll probably try this again this coming weekend following the IDPA match with my center fire pistols but given that the gators aren't much bigger than .40 in wide, I'm thinking we probably won't see any center fire pistol scores over 60 points.

As a reminder, to get the full 10 points, your hole must be inside the gator. Touching the edge, even from the inside gets you only 5 points.

If your score is low, send it in anyway. These things are always trickier than you thing and if your score is low, it's because the target was hard.

Scotland The Brave

Better late than never I guess, but I've heard it suggested somewhere (sorry, no link) that now that the Scots have voted to keep living in England's basement, so to speak, the English should be allowed a vote on weather or not they should be allowed to stay there.

Seems fair to me.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Coal-Fired Cars

The very last word in NIMBY-environmentalism will be on display at Aspen Grove center, south of Littleton tomorrow:

Come experience a variety of electric vehicles from Ford, Chevrolet,
Nissan and Tesla at this one-of-a-kind event!

The event is free and open to the public and will be held at
Aspen Grove this Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 11am to 2pm.( *)  
Go for a test drive!  Visit
to register in advance.

Mike Nelson, Channel 7 Meteorologist and Chevy Volt owner,
will be on hand to discuss the benefits of going electric!

Test Drive Nissan Leaf Tesla BMW and Ford
The cloud of smug hanging over the place should be visible from up to 30 miles away so it will be easy to find.

*Any more than 4 hours and they have to take them back to  the dealerships on wreckers to spend the rest of the day recharging.

Green Technology

Something I can almost get behind. Poltical Calculations has a piece on a geothermal beer cooler guaranteed to keep your beer at a perfect temparature* for quaffing** all year round at no*** cost.

*The temperature underground varies a bit by location, but generally hovers around 58F. This is probably perfect for most English beer but far too warm for most American tastes.

**Terry Pratchett defined quaffing as taking the tankard of beer and tossing it at your face while attempting to get as much of the flying foamy down your throat as you could manage. Poor aim resulted in dropping a lot of it down the collar of the fellow behind you which frequently resulted in a fight. In the establishments where quaffing was the practice, this was known as "just another Saturday night".

***Like free solar energy, the installation costs are disregarded. Suffice it to say you can buy a small refrigerator and run it for a good long time for the cost of this rig.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scotland The Brave

Brave Scots rush in where Angels fear to tread, as they say in the old country. The English have a slightly different version of this which you've all heard, so I won't repeat it. Last I heard, the secession was going to be a squeaker with no one willing to bet much on the outcome. Let's assume for a moment, that it passes.

First off I'm told England will swing to the Conservatives since Scotland  is mostly Labor. Absent the Scots, the party that mismanaged England to the point of dissolution will be tossed out. Of course that leaves Scotland to be managed by the very people that made being part of England so intolerable.

The bankers are predicting disaster for no good reason. Or maybe there is a good reason. As an independent country, Scotland will no longer be tied to the pound which the common government can print to make up budget shortages as they go along. Scotlands choices are:
 1. Do nothing and continue to use the British pound. They just get no say in how many get printed which might force some fiscal responsibility on them. Along the same lines, they could also adopt some other currency; the Euro or even the U.S. dollar, but why change all the price tags?
Choice 2: Print your own currency. Suggestions include the Numpty and the Poond. Advantage: You can print as many as you like. Disadvantage: See advantage.

A newly conservative England could start an economic turnaround if the new majority acts quickly. Lowering taxes, eliminating a lot of nanny agencies, deporting a lot of undesirables, etc, etc. It would also greatly strengthen the anti-EU parties to the point that England could post a real threat to leave the E.U.

If the parties over there operate like the parties over here, the Laborites in Scotland derive a good bit of their popularity from being able to rob British Peter to buy the votes of Scottish Paul. Absent Peter, this will be much more difficult. Of course the newly independent Scotland could immediately join the E.U. and become a member of the PIIGS Portugal, Italy  Ireland, Greece and Spain. Germany who has been making the bailout loans may not be amused.

Should make for some good entertainment at least.